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I'm Nick Tomkins

As a self-motivated developer, I have gained expertise in full-stack development through coding challenges, hackathons, and open source contributions. In this portfolio, I selected projects that showcase my capabilities in full-stack development and my ability to work within team environments.

Projects and Links

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Building Votal: Crafting an Ecosystem for Business Surveys

Votal is a fully developed collaborative project. Over a span of many months, I built an extensive ecosystem designed to cater to all business survey requirements.

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Features Description
Survey Creation and Question Types
  • Create surveys with three question types: radio, checkbox, and text field questions.
  • Include an "Other" field for each question type to gather diverse responses.
Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Access a comprehensive dashboard displaying all your surveys.
  • Get an overview of views and responses for each survey.
Secure Account Support
  • Utilise secure account features to safeguard and manage your surveys.
  • Choose between a username or email for account identification.
Efficient Single-Page Routing
  • Enjoy seamless single-page application routing for enhanced user experience.
  • Bookmark surveys and navigate using browser back buttons effortlessly.
Survey Management Page
  • Manage your surveys effortlessly from a centralised page.
  • Copy survey links with ease, and generate QR codes for easy sharing.
  • Delete unwanted surveys and access results functions for insights.
Interactive Survey Results
  • Access dynamic survey results presented through an intuitive pie chart graph.
  • Visualise data trends and responses for improved insights.

Project documentation

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